Miracle Litter


* 13 Mai 2013

2 Hündinnen - 2 Females


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The Miracle litter is born

Now the story:

When my husband and I were in California at Boofest, we both fell in love with Allagante Windspirit Barbados and asked J Vookles, the owner if she could think of sending chilled sperm over to Germany for a mating with Renaissance Ever Magic.

She agreed and we started to work on the shipping etc., Magic came into season - J went to collect sperm from Barbados and he gave a lot!!! Then the Shipping was planned with FedEx for a 2 days delivery.

FedEx picked up the box with the golden drops on a Wednesday in March - I got the Track Number, called FedEx in Germany to make sure they know that it is chilled sperm and we have to get it on Friday - as FedEx does not deliver on weekends . . . and also to make sure they keep it cool at the right temperatures. I was worried as I could not get any information about the box Friday - I called - nobody could tell me about the box.

To make it short - FedEx just did not inform the vet to check as soon as the box arrived - so it was stuck there over the weekend .  . . and of course NO service - no really help from FedEx.

So we got the drops very late Monday evening - at 0730 o´clock (p.m.) at my vet. Checking the box - all was very cold inside - and we believed it must almost have been freezing temperature over the weekend in there. And when my vet checked the sperm - no moving . . . I was sad, crying and angry about FedEx.

Next morning my vet called "they are moving" - I went to my vet immediately with Magic and we inseminated both vials (although the 2nd one was originally meant to be frozen for another litter) - because they were not really active at this moment - maybe still had a jetlag or still were a bit cold J - and we also thought Magic best days were gone by early Monday. At that moment we were not really hoping for any good result.

o.k. - now we had to wait . . . . day 24 we made the Ultrasound - NOTHING . . . my vet really searched to find one single blubb . . . but nothing. Sad day again and I was going to get all the FedEx story to my lawyer. But other important things had to be done.

Then some days ago Magic somehow managed it to make me check her belly very closely . . . wou -  there WAS something moving . . .  Ups . . . I thought now I am in “puppy delirium” or something like that . . .  nobody would believe me - and I can not talk to anybody, all would believe I am crazy. My husband also looked very strange at me when I told him to feel her belly and that something IS moving inside . . .

o.k. - so I took her to the vet last Saturday and YES !!!!! She IS pregnant - 2 puppies . . . WHAT a miracle . . . what a story.

J and I of course are nervous that there could be some health issues with the pups due to these shipping delays, but we are optimistic. J told me that she ought to be optimistic as Barbados made the equivalent of 13 insemination vials when making his initial 'deposit' at the ICSB & that these were given a very good evaluation by them. . . . and by they way - they MUST have been very strong to have survived at least.

Now Magic is getting all she need and we are happy about those two puppies.

The MIRCALE puppies . .  . at Silkendream.

May, 2013, Germany