Renaissance on Darkness

* 02 Mai 2012


52 cm
MDR-1 clear / CEA carrier

B/Z: Chris Swilley, USA
O/E: Harald & Inken C. Neumann


Shadow ist der Vater vom G-Golden Wurf Silkendream

A very huge THANKS to Chris Swilley who trusted us to have her heart dog.

We love him a lot - he is the most happy dog ever. We plan to use him for a litter in the future.


September 2019

August 2019

Shadow sure can tell that Warrick is in his pedigree

Juli 2019

April 2019


Shadow Oktober 2018





Shadow April 2018



Thank you Chris for this lovely, charming boy - we are honored to have him and that your trusted us to let him live with us.
He also is something very special for us . .  we love him.

Shadow März 2018
die ersten Tage bei Silkendream - the first days at Silkendream


Yodah and Shadow

Shadow April 2015
at kennel Renaissance