ISWS, MCh. Kristull Wind Walker

* 23 Mai 2005
- male -

57 cm
MDR-1 carrier
CEA clear

ISWS Champion
Club Champion, Club Veteran Champion, German Champion
German Veteran Champion, International DRC Champion

Warrick ist der Vater vom A-Wurf Dreamland´s (CAM), A-Wurf SilkenSkyline
und vom E-Disney Wurf Silkendream
Ur-Opa von Nachzucht in USA aus Samum Silkendream at Kumbaya
und Opa vom B-Wurf SilkenSkyline

Thank you Chris to let Warrick come over to Silkendream. He was something very special
for me from the first moment I saw him - - - and I never thought I would get the
chance to have him here. Thank you so much for this lovely boy. He is doing very well.

 Warrick 2019

Juli 2019

a nice, charming Oldie
wir sind froh, dass es ihm noch so gut geht




HAPPY 14 Birthday
Mai 2019



Warrick 2018

Oktober - Dezember
he is 13,5 years old now and still charming and active
as ever - as we all know and love him

Warrick and his daughter Hnossa


Warrick Februar 2018



Warrick Juli 2017 - 12 Jahre



Warrick April 2017

mit fast 12 noch sehr fit


Warrick Januar 2017

Warrick April 2016 - with his sons Kenai and Woody


Warrick February 2016 - left with his son Woody

Warrick Mai - Juli 2015

Winners Male & Veteran BISS Schwarzwald Winner Show 2014

BISS & BOSS Schwarzwald Winner Show 2014
Kristull Wind Walker & Amidala SilkenDream

Warrick mit Sohn DreamLand´s Njord, April 2014

im Januar 2014


Warrick November 2013

Warrick Juli 2013

Warrick Juni 2013

Warrick im Mai 2013


Januar 2013

Warrick and his daughter Dreamland´s Hnossa
Warrick und seine Tochter Dreamland´s Hnossa

Warrick October 2012

Warrick Ende Dezember 2012

NO photo please . . . .

no photo please . . . kein Foto bitte . . .

Warrick im März 2012

Warrick 23 Mai 2012 - 7 Jahre

Warrick, frisch gestylt Ende Mai 2011

Warrick im Februar 2011


Warrick October 2010
5,5 years old

about 57 cm (22 inch)
16 kg (35 lb)

MDR-1 carrier
CEA clear